Welcome to Alfa Media Group

Alfa Media is a performance marketing group that offers the best in marketing, affiliate marketing, advertising and publishing on a variety of platforms. Founded several years ago and known all through the affiliate marketing business for innovative services and unparalleled client satisfaction, Alfa Media propels technological improvement to a whole new level within every path of performance marketing, such as online to in-house designation, mobile applications, search-based marketing, and social-based designations.
Our total package advertising improvement staff, creative specialties group, and publishing development agency are your company’s strongest supporters!

Career Opportunities

At Alfa Media, we offer a wide variety of job opportunities that allow team members to become skilled at specific or general careers and grow faster as individuals. We strive to maintain our positive corporate traditions and work hard to find team members with the capability of keeping Alfa Media on its current thriving course. Each team member is encouraged to display his or her capabilities and given the prospect of turning their job into everything they wanted it to be and so much more.

What We Look For

Because we are such a fast-paced, dynamic, and collaborative company, Alfa Media seeks individuals who are suited to this atmosphere with the skill to correspond efficiently when it comes to the daily grind. All applicants must have a valid and applicable college degree, but relevant knowledge and job familiarity are also important and therefore mandatory in some groups. A few job groups do offer training. It is mandatory for each employee to work at least 40 hours per workweek, with a few divisions requiring occasional or frequent mandatory or voluntary overtime.

Internships and Other Student Opportunities

Even students have to get started in the industry somewhere, and we understand that job experience is critical to this developmental phase. Alfa Media offers internships in many divisions, some for pay and a few for credit. This is a wonderful opportunity to develop or sharpen skills, familiarity, and sometimes even earn a full-time job upon graduation. Many employees are kept as full-time once the internship has completed and they have graduated from college.

We welcome your input and would love to hear about your experience with Alfa Media—good or bad. This gives us an opportunity to make changes or know that we are doing a great job with things as they are, so we enjoy hearing from all of our clientele. If you are interested in joining our program in some way, please use this form to request more information. We look forward to speaking with you!

Affiliate Marketing

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